The Countdown

10.  The Start: Fall 2009:
A group of residents approached The Billerica Green to ask what was the thought about dog parks and did Billerica need one. Editor in Chief (and Billerica resident), Liana Measmer, not being a dog owner herself, approached local pet business owners and resident pet enthusiasts to ask them. The response was overwhelmingly that yes, an off-leash dog park is needed.  The Billerica Recreation Commission appointed the Dog Park committee as one of their subcommittees charged with of obtaining additional information through research.

9.  Research:
The committee researched existing dog parks in the area and developed a planning process to successfully establish a dog park in our community. 

8.  Proposal: June 30, 2011:
We prepared our initial "Billerica Dog Park Proposal".  This proposal was reviewed with many town officials for their feedback.

7.  September 12, 2011:
The committee presented the proposal to the Recreation Commission.  The Recreation Commission gave us their overwhelming approval and support, and asked us to address additional issues raised by the Commission and town officials.

6.  Town By-Laws Proposal: May 2012:
We were on the Town Meeting agenda with a proposed By-Law amendment that would allow the town to designate an off-leash area, but pulled it as some town officials found issues with the content and wording, and feared it would not pass as written.  We will return for Fall Town Meeting with a new amendment petition, this time with the assistance of those town officials.

Town By-Laws Approved: October 4, 2012:  The previous town by-laws did not allow for a dog park.  Essentially, all dogs not on their own property must be leashed.  This by-law was written before the explosion of dog parks began popping up across the country.  On October 4, Town Meeting overwhelmingly approved our by-law amendment (warrant article 32) that modified the to allow the town to designate an off-leash area.  Download a copy of the amended by-law below.

4.  Final Proposal and approval: June 12, 2014:  We presented our proposal to the Board of Selectmen on March 4, 2013, and a revised one again on August 26, 2013 where the Board of Selectmen voted in favor and instructed Town Manager John Curran to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Friends of the Billerica Dog Park Committee (FBDPC).  That agreement was approved by the Selectmen on April 28, and accepted by the Billerica Dog Park committee on June 12, 2014.

3. Funding: August 2016: The Dog Park Committee is please to announce that the Billerica Dog Park is now fully funded.

2.  Construction: November 2018:  Plans are complete.  Contractor has been selected.  All funds have been deposited with the Town of Billerica.  Construction begin November 11, 2018.

1.  Opening Day!  Grand opening, June 1, 2019.  Noon.