Wish List

Want to make your dog's park even better?  Donations of items from the list below will help us stretch our budget further. All donations are tax-deductible. Your Donation Matters. 

Please email billericadogpark@gmail.com to let us know and we'll coordinate pick-up or drop-off.

Thank you.
Waste bags

We can use all that we can get.  We go through a lot of these.

$100 per case

Silhouette Fence Art

We could use two or three different style silhouettes to enhance the park fence.

Up to four wanted.~$100 ea.


Storage Container

We can really use a weatherproof, lockable storage container to keep park supplies in.  If you know one that's available please let us know
Concrete Pipe

To climb on, and through.  Have you seen any around that we can use.  About 24"-36" inside diameter should be about right.
The dogs would love having one.
Garden Hose Hanger

Liberty Heavy Duty Hose Hanger #691 336-645

Three needed. ~$12 each.


Key Box

Kiddie Keysafe Slimline 2-Key, Pushbutton, Titanium #001170

One needed. ~$36.



We are working out the what, where, and how many.

Tree Stumps

Done!  Thank you Community Tree Service of Chelmsford for donating our tree stumps.